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Web Driven Time, Expense, Billing, Payment, and Project Management
The Ultimate solution to time, expense, billing, payment, and project management, for the professional services industry. 1TRACKER provides a flexible method for an organization to have its personnel easily track time and expenses, incurred on client projects. This web-based application is offered via the application service provider model, hosted be WEBAPPZ externally (EXT), or through individual client licensing.
Distributed Authorization and Validation for Multiple Businesses and Web Applications
A powerful e-business security application to manage users, groups, and businesses and their access privileges to various e-business applications, through licenses and functions. Incorporates firewall technology, audit logging, its own security model, and personal preferences for formats and layouts.
Java API to Generate Web Delivered PDF Reports
Our own JAVA-based API to support server-side generation of printable documents according to Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF).
Java API to Generate Graphical User Interfaces for Web Applications
A comprehensive enabler for rapidly developing enterprise-class Web Applications. This tool reduces the development time of database-driven web applications, and ensures a consistent and powerful graphical user interface (GUI).
An interactive mountain simulator that enables ski resort operators and planners the ability to view simulations of their own ski hill. SimSki can assist developers with expansion plans, and managers with general ski hill operations.
WEBAPPZ Product Overview
See how our products integrate to provide businesses with a complete end solution.