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LISTedit framework - Java API to Generate Graphical User Interfaces for Web Applications

Application development framework for consistent graphical user interface

LISTedit is a Java framework, which provides the infrastructure needed to quickly implement a variety of robust business applications. The framework operates in conjunction with Apple's WebObjects&trade environment, WebObjects 5.2 on Windows 2000, MacOS X, and UNIX server platforms. LISTedit is fully documented, easy-to-use, and in very little time, will turn new WebObjects developers into pros. A tutorial application, called System Environment Reservation and Tracking System (SERTS), is included with the documentation of how it was implemented and all of its source code. LISTedit makes applications easy to develop, and ultimately easy to use by the end-client.

Truly rapid application development turn-around time

A mid-sized e-business application (e.g. 12 database tables and 30 dynamic web pages) can easily be constructed in under 40 hours! Our powerful framework dramatically minimizes the amount of code you have to write, not only the HTML and bindings, but also the Java because of the many built-in validations. Since the framework is pre-compiled, your application using the framework compiles faster too.

Turns your programmers into Pros

LISTedit framework turns WebObjects&trade into an object-oriented tool that is truly accessible to every Java/Database software developer. Even junior Java programmers need only a basic familiarity with the EOModeler and ProjectBuilder applications (not even WOBuilder) in order to produce fully-functional applications which automatically include rock-solid data integrity protection: WASafeCoding&trade and WEBAPPZ's database row-level record locking mechanism. Get all the power of the WebObjects libraries without the steep learning curve! The LISTedit framework is a re-usable compilation of all the important aspects found in WEBAPPZ's past and anticipated future e-business projects and is used by WEBAPPZ for its own product development.

Web-enable any database schema

LISTedit provides all of the functions you would expect to support administration, transaction entry, and read-only users for any kind of online application. Also, the compact nature of the coding makes it easier to document your code. We use the Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF) to ensure properly modeled databases.