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1TRACKER - Web Driven Time, Expense, Billing, Payment, and Project Management

WEBAPPZ's 1TRACKER is a 100% web-based time, project, and expense tracking, billing, and payment management system for professional service providers, such as accounting, legal, architectural, and interior design firms.

The concept arose as a solution to time, expense, and billing issues faced by both WEBAPPZ consulting experience and its clients. How do you deal with employees working in various locations, using different currencies, working on different projects, and all the paperwork that is generated? How do you streamline and expedite the whole process from timesheet entry, to bill creation, to employee expenses reimbursement?

The result is an enterprise class, user-friendly, and easily scalable, time, project, and expense tracking system that incorporates billing and payment management functionalities. 1TRACKER is a team-sustained effort to deliver a high quality solution to meet the growing needs of companies today. Any project-oriented, task-focused company whose employees are charged out on an hourly or daily basis, and are required to keep track of incurred expenses, can benefit from using 1TRACKER. With 1TRACKER, managers and personnel have direct access to time tracking and billing, anywhere in the world, anytime. Patent-pending timekeepers facilitate weekly timesheet maintenance for multiple projects and/or tasks, through the use of real-time tracking. Document approval flows allow mass approvals to be done in minutes instead of days. PDF printing allows for universal, consistent printing. From easy time and expense tracking to detailed reporting, and unmatched billing capabilities, 1TRACKER is one of the best web based time and expense tracking solutions in today's market.

1TRACKER is a web-based application, which runs through an internet browser. There is no need to purchase or install any other software. Depending upon your company, 1TRACKER may be installed on your company's web server or it may be accessible to your employees through WEBAPPZ's application service provider model, 1TRACKER EXT. The application is available 24/7 and incorporates a number of security features to ensure that information is kept secure and only those authorized to use 1TRACKER can access the application. Whether working at the company site, or remotely, 1TRACKER provides the conveniences of automated time-tracking, easy report entry, a streamlined and quick approval process, and real-time billing.

To learn more about 1TRACKER, visit www.1TRACKER.com. To obtain a product brochure, click the following link: DOWNLOADS