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WEBAPPZ Systems Europe, now Gaastra GmbH, is a software development company based in Munich, Germany, a subsiduary of WEBAPPZ Systems, Inc. (Canada). Since 2005, WEBAPPZ Systems Europe has been providing consulting services and offering technical solutions and support to a wide range of German, Dutch, and Belgian customers.

At WEBAPPZ, our core business is developing web-based business applications. Our applications are secure, user-friendly, scalable, low maintenance, and easily integrated into an organization's existing infrastructure. To accomplish this, we ensure strong object oriented principles in our programming and incorporate our own set of tested development frameworks to accelerate the software development process and ultimately provide reliable enterprise class solutions for our end customers, in substantially less time than our competitors.

Our highly advanced security models, integrated firewall technology, PDF web-based reporting technology, and graphical user interface framework enable us to deliver quality solutions with the kind of functionality that usually requires several off-the-shelf products to address.

At WEBAPPZ, our goal is to design great software. We deliver innovative, quality solutions to assist organizations with achieving their business objectives. Companies who work with us see the results in improved operations, better partner and customer relationships, and expanded market reach.